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From: Jamie Lee
Subject: fanmail.2Disclaimer: If you don't like european sex teens lolita
or are not allowed to read man-sex, then go
away. Otherwise, enjoy! Let me know what you think. Copyrighted by the
author.----------------You may've already read about by 24-year-old bitch Cody in
nifty/authoritarian. This is how it started. More fan nail, but it
developed rather differently than with Jo even though the end, their being
my bitches, was the same...My second cyberbitch was Cody. He was a hot-looking 24-year-old,
brown-haired guy who had only given a couple of blow jobs to buddies when
he wrote me telling me how hot some of my stories bbw lolitas anal creampies were. He thought it was
hot as fuck the way I took charge of hungryass and made him my bitch in
those stories, and it wasn't nude youngs vids loli
long before Cody let me know he wanted to be
my boi. In fact, he first wrote me while I was training another bottom to
be my cyberbitch, and Cody even wrote that he was jealous of the boi. LOL.What was that like? Well, when you make someone your cyberbitch, it's
sorta like phone sex except that they're under your control. Basically,
you give them jobs to do and they have to do them and report back to you on
how it went, how it made them feel, and so on.Well, we emailed some more, and I finally asked if he wanted to be my boi.
His response?"To be honest....I would love to be your boi, for whatever its worth. I
would like to continue talking with you, learning about one another and
take it where ever it leads. I'm totally comfortable with you, and totally
want to be your boi."So I told him what that would entail until we got together physically (he
and I live in different cities), and I asked him if he was sure of this and
to tell me once more what he wanted:"I want you to be my daddy. I've told you before that I want that
father/son relationship that will have sub-ties to dom/sub relationship. I
want you to be my father, to teach me but you will also have to be my dom
when it comes to sexual issues. I'm not looking for someone where I live
right now. To be honest, if you take me as your boi, then I'm totally
committed to you until you get tired of me. I'm surely not asking for you
to be totally committed to me, your a real man and free lolicon anime porn
you know what I think a
real man deserves."And with that email, we were off on a new journey as I started to make Cody
my cyberbitch and my son. . .One of the early things I told Cody to do was to get naked on the floor,
kneeling, and spread his legs so I could easily get to his mouth if I was
there. Then, he was to play with his nipples with one hand `cause they're
hard-wired to his dick and he gets hard fast if he plays with them. While
playing with his nips with one hand, he was to jack off with the other.
When he came, he was to catch his cum in his hand and eat it all,
pretending free lolicon anime porn it was my cum he was tasting. Then he had to write me all about
it.Another time, I made him play with his pussy while he jacked. Just one
finger, lubed up, in to the middle knuckle only, twisting around, looking
for his boi bump while he kept jacking and thinking about when he was
finally gonna get my fuck. When he came, he had to rub some of the cum all
over the outside of his pussy that he'd just been fingerfucking. Again, he
had to eat the rest of the cum, but this time he was to lick clean the
finger that had been up his cunt. Finally, he was to use his finger to rub
off any remaining cum from what he'd rubbed on his pussy and lick that
clean again.Once, knowing his nipples were really sensitive, I had him get some wooden
clothespins and put one on each nip while he jerked off. When he came, he
was to take the clothespins off and rub his cum all over his nipples. He
didn't like that one much, he told me: the pain never turned to pleasure.
I don't know if he just didn't do it right or if his nips really are
unusually sensitive, but I told him I'd show him how to do it when we got
together. I also made one of his later assignments to investigate getting
some adjustable nipple clamps from off the web.Another time, he was to fingerfuck himself with two fingers while he jacked
off. And then the other night, I told him he had to smear the cum from his
dick all over his nipples and face and let it dry on there overnight. He
wrote back and told me that was hot as fuck! Another really hot thing was
when I told him to go online and read a chapter of his story-while he
jacked off. Again, he was to catch his cum in his hand and eat it.It wasn't long before Cody was comfortable enough with me to want to take
it to the next level and chat. So, I told him to get a gmail account so we
could gchat. His schedule and mine don't mesh all that well, so we don't
actually chat a lot. But when we do, it's often for an hour or so, and I
learn more about the guy who's turning into my son and my bitch. And he
learns that his daddy cares about him and wants to help him explore and
develop his bitch side.
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